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VitoWeed Joint No. 1
Pure joie de vivre, the dream of the best weed in the meta-verse, inspired VitoWeed to create Joints & Blunts for Decentraland. The very first joint is called "VitoWeed Joint No. 1". Amazing VitoWeed is wrapped in green pattern paper.
This legendary joint exists only 100 times and is not only chill to own. It is a real value investment.
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VitoWeed Joint No. 2
Sharing the pure “joie de vivre” with all avatars in the metaverse is the goal of VitoWeed with his Joint No. 2. Attractive price and built in mass.
The best VitoWeed weed and a white pattern paper also makes this joint special. Whether walking through the Decentraland, a party, a concert or a home visit the VitoWeed Joint No. 2 provides a chill mood and the certain coolness factor.
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